Pilz provides automation solutions for plant and machinery: complete and simple. From sensor technology to control and drive technology – with safety and automation included. Various software tools enable simple operation and make commissioning easier. Benefit from short downtimes and high plant availability due to extensive diagnostic options. Here we present our product innovations for 2017 for your safe automation.

New product release: 

Light beam devices PSENopt slim – Small light grid, high level of safety
Safety laser scanner PSENscan – Productive area monitoring, including in series
Safety relay PNOZsigma – Speed monitor PNOZ s30 with new functionality
Configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2 – For large automation projects
Web-based visualization software PASvisu and small controllers PNOZmulti – The perfect team
Configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2 with safe communication via SafetyNET p
Configurable compact controllers PNOZmulti Mini – Fieldbus module POWERLINK
Industrial PI moves your data to the cloud 18 Remote I/O system PSSuniversal 2 – Flexible, open and granular
First IP67 compact module for the automation system PSS 4000
Decentralized input module PDP67 F 8DI ION PT
Motion control systems PMCprimo – Increase performance
Collision measurement set PROBms – For standard-compliant human-robot collaboration
Visualization terminals PMI v5 series – With pre-installed visualization software PASvisu
Lockout/tagout documentation software PASloto
PITestop active – Electrically activated E-STOP pushbutton

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Published : 9-Nov-2017

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