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PLC interface units
Circuit Protection
Surge Protection
Relays and solid-state relays
Analogue Signal Conditioning
Power supply
Remote I/O
Industrial Ethernet
Measuring and monitoring systems
Maintenance and cloud service
Klippon® Connect terminal blocks
Heavy Duty Connectors
Power bus system
Marshalling Solutions
Sensor-actuator interfaces, cables and circular connectors
Industrial Ethernet passive
Service interfaces
Photovoltaic connectors
Steel enclosures
Aluminium enclosures
Plastic enclosures
Cable entry system
Cable Management - Cable Entry System - Cabtite
Wireless I/O Mesh & Gateways
Wireless Ethernet & Cellular Modems
Wireless Accessories
Terminal Blocks
PCB terminals and connectors
Enclosure systems and components
Contactless Connectivity
Cable entry systems and components
Cord sets, patchcords and cables
PLC interfaces and migration solutions
Service interfaces
Distribution boxes
Relay modules & solid-state relays
Analogue Signal Conditioning
Power Supplies
Electronic Housings
Lightning and Surge Protection
Fieldbus Distributors
Automation & Software
Industrial PCs
I/O Systems
Industrial Ethernet
Touch Panels
Engineering and Visualisation Tools
Measuring and monitoring systems
Remote Access & Cloud-Services
Workplace & Accessories
Automatic machines
Industry light
Thermal Management
Cable Ducts
Assembled terminal strips
Modified and assembled enclosures
Custom cable assemblies

1105430000 CP T SNT 70W 12V 6A
1105440000 CP T SNT 140W 12V 12A
1105790000 CP T SNT 90W 24V 3,8A
1105810000 CP T SNT 180W 24V 7,5A
1105820000 CP T SNT 360W 24V 15A
1105840000 CP T SNT 600W 24V 25A
1105850000 CP T SNT 180W 48V 4A
1105860000 CP T SNT 360W 48V 7,5A
1105870000 CP T SNT 600W 48V 12,5A
1105880000 CP T RM 10
1105890000 CP T RM 20
1165480010 CP M SNT 250W 24V 10AUW
1194310000 CP T SNT2 600 W 24 V 25 A
1194410000 CP T SNT 90W 24V3,8ACL2
1194420000 CP T SNT 90W 48V 2A
1194480000 CP T SNT2 180 W 24 V 7,5 A
1194490000 CP T SNT2 360 W 24 V 15 A
1251070000 CP A BATTERY 24V DC3.4AH
1251080000 CP A BATTERY 24V DC7.2AH
1251090000 CP A BATTERY 24V DC12AH
1251110000 CP A BATTERY 24V DC17AH
1251220000 CP DC BUFFER 24V 20A
1251310000 MTA 45 MF
1251320000 MTA 30 MF
1313320010 CP DCDC 250W 24V 10A
1370040010 CP DC UPS 24V 40A
1370050010 CP DC UPS 24V 20A/10A
1406930000 CP A BATTERY 24V DC1.3AH
1444480000 CP DC UPS TF05
1444540000 CP DC UPS TF25
1461870000 CP A WALLADAPTER 30 MM
2001800000 PRO DCDC 120W 24V 5A
2001810000 PRO DCDC 240W 24V 10A
2001820000 PRO DCDC 480W 24V 20A
8575260000 CP NT 36W 24V 1.5A
8575280000 CP NT 144W 24V 6A
8575300000 CP NT 192W 24V 8A
8575310000 CP NT 264W 24V 11A
8575320000 CP NT 432W 24V 18A
8588900000 CP RP 36 W
8588910000 CP RP 72 W
8588920000 CP RP 144 W
8618890000 WGS 24Vdc 1,6A
8618910000 WGS 24Vdc 3,15A
8618930000 WGS 24Vdc 6,3A
8618940000 WGS 24Vdc 8,0A
8621010000 WGZ 24Vdc 8,0A
8628630000 CP NT3 400W 24V 15A
8628680000 CP NT3 1000W 24V 40A
8710620000 CP DM 10
8739140000 CP SNT 48W 24V 2A
8754960000 CP SNT 25W 5V 5A
8754970000 CP SNT 48W 12V 4A
8768650000 CP DM 20
8879230000 CP SNT 48W 48V 1A
9918840024 CP SNT 12W 24V 0.5A
9919371224 CP DCDC 50W 22-24V 2A
9919372405 CP DCDC 50W 5V 8A
9919372412 CP DCDC 50W 12V 3A
9919372415 CP DCDC 50W 15V 3A
9919372424 CP DCDC 50W 22-24V 2A
9925340024 CP SNT 160W 24-28V 6.5A
9927480024 CP SNT 55W 24-28V 2.3A
9928890005 CP SNT 24W 5V 2A
9928890012 CP SNT 24W 12V 1.5A
9928890015 CP SNT 24W 15V 1.5A
9928890024 CP SNT 24W 24V 1A
1222210000 CP M DM20
1222210010 CP M DM20
1222220000 CP M DM40
1222220010 CP M DM40
1222240000 CP M CAP
1222240010 CP M CAP
1478100000 PRO MAX 72W 24V 3A
1478110000 PRO MAX 120W 24V 5A
1478120000 PRO MAX 180W 24V 7,5A
1478130000 PRO MAX 240W 24V 10A
1478140000 PRO MAX 480W 24V 20A
1478150000 PRO MAX 960W 24V 40A
1478170000 PRO MAX3 120W 24V 5A
1478180000 PRO MAX3 240W 24V 10A
1478190000 PRO MAX3 480W 24V 20A
1478200000 PRO MAX3 960W 24V 40A
1478210000 PRO MAX 70W 5V 14A
1478220000 PRO MAX 72W 12V 6A
1478230000 PRO MAX 120W 12V 10A
1478240000 PRO MAX 240W 48V 5A
1478250000 PRO MAX 480W 48V 10A
1478270000 PRO MAX 960W 48V 20A
2466850000 PRO TOP1 72W 24V 3A
2466870000 PRO TOP1 120W 24V 5A
2466880000 PRO TOP1 240W 24V 10A
2466890000 PRO TOP1 480W 24V 20A
2466900000 PRO TOP1 960W 24V 40A
2466910000 PRO TOP1 120W 12V 10A
2466920000 PRO TOP1 960W 48V 20A
2467030000 PRO TOP1 480W 48V 10A

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