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We are dealer for Aventics (previously known as Rexroth Pneumatics)

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Product range:


Pneumatics: Pneumatic Valves:
  Pneumatics System  
Aventics covers all air-compression requirements from cylinders and valves to installation material and air preparation equipment


Aventics pneumatic valves are compact in size, customisable and can be integrated into any pneumatic application


Valve Terminals: Inverted Tooth Chains:
Valve Terminals Inverted Tooth Chains
From mechanically-, pneumatically-, and electrically-operated single valves to highly complex modular valve terminal systems with all functions.


Aventics is one of the leading global manufacturers of inverted tooth chain drives, offering premium drive and transport for a wide range of machines and systems.


Pneumatic Cylinders and Drives: Pneumatic Connection Technologies:
 Pneumatic Cylinders and Drives  
Piston rod cylinders, rodless cylinders, and rotary drives for versatile and reliable performance


Aventics connection pieces perfectly complement high quality machine elements, including: fittings, tubing and silencers.


Air Preparation Equipment:  
 Air Preparation Equipment  
Air preparation equipment from Aventics features pressure regulators and gauges, filters and lubricators that ensure optimum compressed air preparation for any pneumatic system.



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